6. Settings

Background color

You can access the settings from the app menu in the menu bar or via the menu in our app.
You can adjust the color of our app to your taste.

Page size

The generated documents can be created in DIN-A-4 or Lettersize.

iCloud synchronization

If you enable iCloud synchronization, your database will be backed up in your private iCloud and all devices can synchronize with each other.
If you already use our app "Taptile Invoices" on macOS you can synchronize your data between the old and the new app via iCloud.
You can edit your documents in both apps, only the new functions, such as invoice item templates, multiple VAT rates or CHF rounding aren't available in the old app.
However, if you set a finished document in "Taptile Invoice 2" to 'sent', the PDFs generated with the new app will also be synchronized into the old app, and you will also have access to the generated PDFs with the new features printed.


Our macOS app can automatically remind you when you have due invoices, honorary notes, have reminders or expired offers.
Once you activate this option, notifications are sent once a day to the macOS notification center that reminds you of these documents.