Our apps register reliably every single tap of your fingers!

to tap

“To touch one’s finger, foot, or other body parts on a surface (usually) repeatedly.” Wiktionary


“While touch (also called tactile perception) is considered one of the five traditional senses, the impression of touch is formed from several modalities.” Wikipedia

We create efficient and ergonomic solutions

We create Software solutions for modern Smartphones and Tablet devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. These will be used through tapping, wiping and pinching with your fingertips. Enabling an efficient and ergonomic interaction with your device, we design especially conceptualized user-interfaces.

“We do, what we love. And we love, what we do.”

Our apps are primarily characterized by thoughtful user guidance and attention to detail. And this attention does not end in the AppStore, but continues in the development and in the support we provide directly and personally.