3. Document State & Workflow



If you have created a new document (or it has not yet been marked with the 'Sent' status), this is in the 'Drafts' state.
Therefore it appears in the list of Drafts and, of course, in 'All' documents.
For a Draft the button, to mark it as 'Sent' is still active / colored.
This is the Envelope Button in the middle above of the document preview.

Mark sent

Mark a document 'Sent'

If you have sent a document to the document recipient, you should mark the document as 'Sent'.
To do this, use the 'Mark Send'/ Envelope button in the middle above of the document preview.

Once a document is marked as 'Sent', it will no longer appear in the list of Drafts.
In addition, the document is locked for editing, so you can not make any accidental changes.
And next to the 'Mark Sent' button, the 'Completed' button is now visible.
If you need to edit a sent document, create a proofing document with the duplicate button and editing it.

Due documents

As soon as a document that is not marked as 'Completed/ Paid' is over its due date, this due document is now displayed in that list.
In this list you can see at a glance which invoices are still pending, or on which offers, you have not yet received an answer.

You will receive a notification once every day via the macOS notification center about all due documents, if you activate this in the Preferences of our app. So you never lose track of an expired offer or a due invoice.

If an invoice recipient has paid an invoice, or if you have received a reply to an offer, you should mark this document as 'Completed'.

Dokument Erledigt markieren

Mark a document 'Completed'

To mark a document as 'Completed', use the 'Completed' button in the middle above of the document preview, to the right of the 'Mark Sent' button.

This button will also be grayed and the completed/ paid document will only appear in the list of completed documents (and the all documents list).

As soon as you mark a document as 'Completed', you can edit another date, which you can use as completion or payment date. So you can also check later, when for an invoice the payment was received.