4. Document State & Workflow

Document drafts

If you have created a new document (or have not yet marked it with the status 'Sent') it is in the status 'Draft'.
It will then appear in the list normal-colored (i.e. not darkened and not highlighted in color).
You can also recognize a draft by the fact that the button to mark it as 'sent' is still active.
This is the Paper Plane Arrow button in the middle above the Document Preview.
The document lists can be filtered to status, e.g. "drafts only".

document status

Mark a document 'sent'

If you have sent a document to the recipient, you should mark the document as 'sent'. To do this, use the "Mark sent"-/ paper airplane arrow button in the middle above the document preview.

As soon as a document is marked as 'Sent', it appears darkened in the list.
In addition, the document is then locked for editing, so you cannot make any accidental changes. And next to the 'Dispatched' marker button the 'Done' marker button is now visible.
If you need to edit a sent document, create a correction document by creating a document duplicate with the duplicate button and edit it.

mark sent

Due documents/ Create reminders

As soon as a document not marked as 'Finished/Paid' has a date of expiry before today, this document will now appear in the list highlighted in color .
If you filter the document list to due documents, you can see at a glance which invoices still are pending payment, or for which offers you have not yet received an answer.

You will receive a daily notification via the notification center about all due documents, if you have specified this in the settings of our app. That way you will never lose sight of an expired offer or a due invoice again.

With the button 'Create reminder' you can generate a reminder document directly from a due invoice, which will contain the contents of the invoice. You only have to adjust the text accordingly.
If an invoice recipient has paid an invoice, or sent you a reply to an offer, you should mark this document as 'Paid/Done'.

create reminder

Mark document 'Paid/Done'

To mark a document as ' Paid / Done', use the 'Paid / Done' mark button above the preview, to the right of the 'Mark sent' button.

mark done